Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Need More Vacations!

While calculating the number of days my husband would be taking off of work this summer (and secretly wishing he could take lots more days off each week, month and year) I considered how much time he has taken off throughout our marriage for church callings. When we lived in Colorado, I went to girl's camp at least twice. Ryan stayed home with the kids for one of those weeks while my sister flew out and tended them during one camp. I served for two years as camp director in another ward and he again had to take off of work and look after the kids so I could fulfill these responsibilities. Looking back, I would do things a little differently. Actually, we began to change things over the years and limit the amount of days off we would spend away from family. Those two girl's camps were shorter than a week but I think they could have done without me for an extra day or two. That's why we serve in committees and presidencies. We are never expected to do it alone or do it all. It is good to serve in the church, fulfill our callings to the best of our ability and sacrifice our time and talents. What has changed for me, I guess, is my perspective on family. Family is first. Life is stressful and those vacations are sacred. That time off is best spent with family- making lasting memories and strengthening relationships. I think it is okay to go to a camp or trek now and then as long as children are well cared for and it doesn't eat up too much of that vacation time, but at times I haven't been as careful about my time and how those precious vacation hours are spent. Lesson learned.

This year my husband and I will be going on Trek. I am grateful it is only a few days. We will be together and with Emery, who is experiencing Trek for the first time. Regen and Cadence get to stay with Aunt Katie and probably have way too much fun.

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