Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Few Highlights

I got a haircut this week and it took a few days before I got used to it. It's short again, to my jaw. We had a couple of dr. appointments this week for the girls which were actually to just get referrals for specialists. Emery's going in for a glaucoma consult and Regen is getting those ginormous tonsils looked at.

The final project and paper for my class this semester was due this week so while I have one more class session to go to, I'm reveling in the fact that I'm done with homework for a few months. I learned a great deal about counseling theories and techniques and am developing my own theories and toolbox for when I become a counselor. Whenever a theory was introduced, I tested its ideas against my knowledge of the gospel. This always proves an excellent guide. I like the idea of unconditional positive regard from person centered therapy (think Christ-like love). My favorite overall theory ended up being Choice Theory which led to a practice called Reality Therapy. It's all about the choices we make. While most theories have some point that I'm not in love with, this one seemed to be dead on in every way. Still probably not the best method/guide for certain clients, but one I'll be using I'm sure.

Today was Mother's Day and I have to say it was fabulous. My family made me almond poppy seed muffins for breakfast (a favorite that I haven't had in years) and french dip sandwiches for dinner (another favorite we haven't enjoyed for a long time). The kids and Ryan gave me some thoughtful gifts and I have to admit that I'm always excited for the gift that is usually given at church to all the women. I can only remember not receiving a gift one year. It was in Colorado and I remember it didn't go down so well with the ladies that there was no thank you gift on Mother's Day. I guess we've come to expect it a bit. I am usually disappointed when it's not chocolate, but I do love flowers so that is fine too. I think all the ladies today had a nice surprise when we were told to go to the cultural hall for third hour. The men had set up tables and chairs and had a spread of crackers, cheese, grapes, strawberries, eclairs and a couple of chocolate fountains. The bishop gave a nice little lesson about our important role in the world today, sharing thoughts from Elder Nelson's talk from October 2015. His sincere words brought tears to my eyes and I think we all felt the love and appreciation that they had put into the day.

Ryan is at a meeting and the girls and I just had brownies and now Regen and Cadence are reading and Emery is coloring.

I feel stuck with family history. Just waiting for more records to be indexed so that there can be some progress again. It has been fun to discover a few things and even a baby sister of my great-great-great grandfather who had never been listed. I found her name on a census record. Emery took the name to the temple for her baptism/confirmation and I'll go and do the initiatory and endowment. Technically, it's the first family name I've ever discovered and done the temple work for. That's pretty awesome. I worked in tidbits for several years to reach that milestone.

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