Thursday, May 19, 2016


Sometimes it takes a long time to decide whether you like something. And once you've decided, you can still forget. That's how it is for me with gardening. I love being out in my garden. I can spend hours weeding, planting, tending, nurturing, etc. and I love every minute of it. It feels good to be physically active; the fresh air is cleansing; the results bring enjoyment and beauty. But sometimes, when I'm looking out the window, I feel overwhelmed by how much work there is to do. Last year and the year before that (and the years before that when I had a garden) I would give up part way through the Spring or Summer and let the weeds take over. This year I am trying to remind myself that staring at weeds does not intimidate them. I try to just take those few steps outside, slip on the gardening gloves, pick up a shovel or bag of seeds and just go for it. I got several things planted today and was surprised to see that one would take an entire year to bloom. Talk about needing patience. There are so many analogies about life to be drawn from gardening. I think of them while I'm out there, or I think about nothing. Either way, if I just get out and do it, it's pretty close to bliss.

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