Sunday, August 7, 2016

Utah Trip 2016

We left for Utah Tuesday, July 26th. We flew from Baltimore to Las Vegas, rented a car and drove up to St. George where we spent the night. Wednesday morning, we met Katie and Cierra Earl at my uncle Clay's and aunt Lana's house. We visited for a little bet then headed to Zion's National Park. We drove up Kolob Canon and took a short hike at the end of the drive. The view was lovely.

We drove to the main part of the park and took a wrong turn which led us through two tunnels. Ryan figured out that we were heading toward the east exit so we headed back. Rather than go into the park on shuttle, we hiked down to the river to play for a bit. Clay and Lana met us in Hurricane to bring us some of our belongings we had left at their house to keep them cool. The temperature in Southern Utah that day was 113 degrees.

We headed up to Katie's, stopping at my parents' house to drop off Cierra and say hello.

Thursday was my birthday. Cadence and I did a little grocery shopping in the morning.  I had a meeting so we hung out at Katie's until after. We went to a picnic lunch at Wheeler Farm where my mom, Kylie Tara and Cierra Earl met us and Katie. We ate lunch then visited the animals. Afterward, Kriss and all five kids, Dylan, Abbie, Scott, Keira and Brock, came to swim with us at Katie's. Katie made me a gluten free chocolate cake. Ryan and I went on a date to Winger's (a Utah favorite) and the rest went out to Red Robin. We came back to Katie's for cake and ice cream and all watched Secretariat.

Friday we went to Kaysville to visit with friends. We stopped at the Templeton's first, then Rosalie Gardner at her senior care center. She was so surprised and thrilled to see us. We had a great visit with her. Next we headed to Brian and Amy Johnson's for dinner with the Black's and the Carrier's as well. This was so much fun and the girls, especially Cadence, loved seeing old friends. After dinner we went to Sariah's to visit with her and her mom, Crystal. We played Just Dance until late and went back to Katie's for sleep.

Saturday we visited Salt Lake. We met Ryan's parents at their apartment for a little visit and some snacks. Then we headed to the Family History Library so they could show us what they do every day on their mission. Next we explored the Church History Library and enjoyed that. Afterward, we went back to their apartment clubhouse where James and his family, Jenni and her girls, Cierra and Krecia (with her husband Devin and toddler Christian) for an early dinner. We headed to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to explore the Discovery Center at Family Search. We learned a lot about family history. Later we drove down to Saratoga Springs to visit my friends from High School. There are now 19 children among us. Jill and Mike were there with their 3 children; Jessica came with her three children; we saw Kendi, H.D, and their 5 children; Maria and Chad came with their 4 children; and Ashlie came with her daughter. It was so much fun to see them and rebuild our friendships. I think I've missed them the most!

 These are pictures of me and Cierra Lemon. We think our faces are pretty compatible.

Sunday we went to church with Katie and then had dinner at my parents' house with Heather and her family, Jesse and his Family, Nancy and some of the Browns, including Sam, Amanda, Andrew and Emerson; Dan and Anthony; and Lanell joined us later when she returned from California. The girls loved getting reacquainted with cousins. Little Andrew loved Regen. :)

Monday we went back to Kaysville so that Regen could visit with her friend Maui and Emery could spend the day with Sariah. We dropped Emery off and then Regen. Regen went with Maui to the mall in Farmington while Ryan, Cadence and I window shopped and went on a giraffe hunt. I met Amy Johnson for lunch and that was so good. I miss her so much!! I am so blessed to have so many good friends in so many places. Regen, Cadence, Ryan and I went to Heber for dinner with Rob and Emily Willardson.

Tuesday we headed to Ephraim for lunch at Roy's Pizza. We visited Snow College, showing the girls the LDS Institute building where we met and walking around campus. Then we headed for Cedar City, stopping to take a picture of the Manti temple. We grabbed some dinner and went swimming at the hotel.

Wednesday we drove by the Cedar City temple and then headed to Las Vegas where we drove by the temple there before flying back to Baltimore. We had such a blessed trip, with an abundance of safety and many, many good visits with family and friends.

Gordon picked us up from the airport and we retrieved our cars (one from Sharee's and one from the stake center in Columbia) and headed for home. Cadence and I went to dinner at Taco Bell and stopped at the grocery store for a few items to get us through the next day. We got home at about midnight.

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