Monday, August 8, 2016

Birthday Boys

Yesterday we went to church. It was good to be back in our home ward. I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting about an experience I had on trek. While watching the youth struggle to push the handcart up a hill, the words came to my mind, "That is what it means to take up the cross." I've struggled to understand this saying at times, but it was so clear to me in that moment. The pioneers gave up everything: their families, friends, the comfort of their homes, possessions, etc. for the gospel. The next thought I had was that it is not supposed to be easy. I read Mark 10:21 and 2 Nephi 9:18. It was a powerful experience for me and I am grateful for the calm assurance I had while getting up to bear my testimony as that is always such a nerve racking thing for me. Sharee and Gordon came over to celebrate the birthday of Peter and Alex who turned five. We had a great dinner of "red soup," cornbread and cucumbers. I ate leftover taco soup and tortilla chips because I don't love tomato soup and can't eat the cornbread. I made a gluten free cake that Emery and Regen decorated. The kids played and the parents visited. Ryan had to leave for his meeting eventually. I look forward to him being home on Sunday nights again someday but he loves the ARP meetings and the help he is able to give others.

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